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Post  Enola on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:06 am

If you are interested in joining our sky ls feel free to post an application.
Here are a few things that should be in a proper application.

FYI: At the moment we put our sky runs on hold. Depending what SE is planning this might change.

- Your ingame name
- Primary jobs
- Available sub-jobs
- Sky access?
- What do you want from sky?
- Did you have a former sky ls? If yes, why did you leave?
- Do you have already experience with sky? Do you know your way through sky?
- Do you have any reference in this LS? (members you know and who may vote for you)
- Did you read and understood the rules?
- Are you comfort with our run times?
- Other things you may like to note
- Two jobs you want seals, jewels etc for (#1 = prio and #2)

Currently there are a few jobs, that have high priority. These are:

last update 29.06.2011

If you don't have any of these jobs don't let that stop you from applying.
This list is just for indication you can always apply with whatever job you want.



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