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Post  alkidiadis on Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:25 pm

Please see the Abyssea thread for latest play info and current Status.

These are the rules that our Event LS will follow :-
In any case of breech of rules the leaders of LS will discuss and select the suitable punishment.
These rules are made so that all members have a good time and so we can progress in Events as I am sure most of you would like to do.


Since our member base mainly consists of EU players our run times are placed at EU prime time.
However don't let that stop you from applying if you can make our run times.

Days we have runs are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

We gather together at 6:30pm GMT+1 (1:30pm EST) at Port Jeuno.
Please try to be punctual to our events.
We appreciate when you are there 10+ minutes before our start time so we can set parties etc.

Usually our runs last until 10pm GMT+1 (5pm EST). Please keep that in mind so that you don't have to go to the store during our runs.^^

Other thing we would like to note

In /l and /p please autotranslate as much as possible since the ls has members from many countries with different english skills. Do not spam stuff in /l or useless macros in /p.
Be friendly to everyone. There will always be different opinions and discussions, but don't act like an asshole. ^^
If you have a new idea how to improve our runs or how we may could do things in another way, /tell a leader after the run and don't start a discussion in /l during our runs.
I'm closing I think/hope we can strive forward and obtain some decent equip, while still having fun so please no drama. Every LS has ups and downs and most of all lets have some fun!!!
have some fun!!!

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